Why SEO is VITAL for your website? Would you let your business die?

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seo is vital

Would you let your business die?

Starting a business is easier today than it was 10 years ago, but just like you start it you can easily lose it if you aren’t focused on what really matters. Nowadays, if your business is not online, it doesn’t exist. You may think it’s easy to put your business online and you would be right, but there is a big difference between putting a business online and making a business count online.

As I said, it is easy to start a business today because we all know how to use the internet and building a website is not that hard especially when we have all these free tools online. There are millions of websites active online, but there are only hundreds that are making the difference. Everybody wants to have his website visible and to appear on the first page of Google, but this is such a hard task and no one really knows how to do it, that’s why there are experts who can help you and you should ask for their assistance. You may wonder what these people are doing, but if they tell you, you won’t understand a thing. What you should ask yourself is what these successful businesses are doing to have their websites visible online.

Well, it is kind of a long list. I am sure you all heard about SEO or social media marketing, but because they are a little complicated you never managed to understand this phenomenon. This article will show you what an SEO expert will do for you and how his skills and knowledge will help you boost your online presence.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
But what does that mean?
Let's put it this way: let's say you are looking for a dress and you type "dress" on Google. Right after you did that a long list of websites will appear on your screen. The first websites are the ones who matter because people will click on them and they won't look for other websites. So, the goal is to appear among the first websites on the search engines.

If you have an online shop that sells dresses, you want to be on the first page because this is the only way to make a profit.
But how can you do that?
We took the word "dress" as an example because whenever someone is looking for a dress online, she will use the Google search engine to find the best dresses for her to choose from. Here comes into play another thing called long tail keyword which can be exemplified like this: "best dresses", "best wedding dresses", "A-line dresses" and so on. It all depends on what kind of dresses are you selling.

An SEO expert will identify those keywords suitable for your website and he will optimize your website using these keywords.
This way, whenever someone will use that specific long tail keyword on a search engine, your website will be on top, so people will click on your website.

But this is just the beginning because optimizing your website is a long process. If you read about all this online you will realize that it's time to call for an SEO expert.
No one can do all the things. Owners of big and successful websites understood that and that's why they started using SEO experts to boost their online businesses.

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