Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.
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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing focused on getting found by potential customers.
These days customers have access to tons of information.
Inbound Marketing is focused on creating helpful, relevant content that will attract potential customers and turn them into customers, and into promoters of your business as well.
Inbound Marketing is Marketing that people love!
Inbound Methodology :
1. Attract
2. Convert
3. Close
4. Delight.

What are the fundamentals of Inbound Marketing?
1. Use Buyer Persona ( conduct the research first, who is your buyer persona? Demographics, Location, Gender, Age, etc)
2. Use the Buyer Journey ( there are several stages of buyer Journey : awareness, consideration, decision)
3. Create Remarkable Content ( helpful, relevant) and promote it ( SMM, SEO, PPC)
4. Leverage your content ( make it available for your buyer persona : blogs, articles etc )
Inbound Marketing works by earning potential customers attention, not buying it.
What is Inbound Marketing? It is SEO + Content Marketing. In other words, it is Content + Context. Need help with Inbound Marketing? Email me!

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