Case study. What do you need to start SEO.

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What do you need to start SEO?

Couple of month ago a large real estate company came across me asking if I can help them with SEO.
What they wanted… well, that is easy… to rank high, and to appear in TOP 10 Google search.
I’ve conducted a SEO Audit of their website, which was quite good for user experience, however was facing some major SEO issues that didn’t allow the website to rank well in Google.
I’ve explained all the issues in details, my plan, how to achieve their goal. And everything looked ok, and everyone was quite happy and excited about new perspectives. The contract for SEO services was sent to the owner of the company, have to mention that twice I asked to go through the contract and in case of ANY questions ask me.
The contract was signed, money for the initial SEO services transferred…and what happened next? What does SEO expert need from you to start working?
Not too much basically:

Login and password.

To have an opportunity to change the code of the website following best SEO practices.
In this case, as soon as I asked for the logins and passwords, the answer was….Uhm, we don’t know what are you talking about. Ok, sometimes it happens if there is a person who is working with the website as a technical support, the owner of the company might know nothing about the website logins and passwords.

Obviously my next question was….Who has the logins and passwords? Answer from the company was, people who made a website for us. Company asked me to get in touch with the developers directly.
What did developers answer to my request of passwords and logins? The answer was - No, we won’t give it to anyone. Why? Because the domain name belongs to us (developers). It is only us who can make changes to the website, you can send us the instructions and we will do it (technical SEO), however we will charge hourly rate (which was very high).

So what happened in reality?

Real estate agency hired the developers to make a website for them. Developers bought a domain name, but registered it on their name and not on Real Estate Agency. They made a website, without giving logins and password to the client.

As the result, Real Estate Agency is renting this website from the developers. Because and a domain name and a content belongs to developers. As soon as Real Estate Agency stops paying monthly fee, they will find themselves with no website at all.

Unfortunately , we didn’t find any solution for the Estate Agency.
Options were :

-Pay the developers hourly rate to make changes to the website which I tell them.
-Create a new website , however don’t forget that all the content belongs to the web developers.

Estate Agency was not ready to make a decision , so they are stuck with the developers and no SEO.
As the result, they still have the website which is not working properly and don’t give them customers and as the result , no sales and no revenue.

Having a website is very important . Nowadays if you are not online, you don’t exist. But what is even more important , is to have a control over your website. Check the contract with the developers. Check on whois name the domain name will be registered . To check this you can use the website WHOIS
Check the logins and passwords for your website. You must have it as a website owner. And if developers can’t provide you this information , better find another developer. That will save you time and money.

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