Growth-Driven Design vs Traditional Web Design! Who Wins the Battle?

Jun 22, 2017| Category: GDD | Growth-Driven Design | Tags: GDD,Growth-Driven Design

Growth-Driven Design

What is that?
Do I need it?
Why is it better than traditional web design?
This article explains the principles of Growth-Driven Design to enable you to decide if it meets your needs.

Website redesign! Website development from a scratch!

Yes, this scares the most people because it always means a period of 3 to 6 months of endless headaches about the preparation, planning, content revision, navigation and site structure. This inevitably leads to conflicts over what is required balanced against timescales and budget.

Traditional website redesign means that the marketing team are unable to perform their function of solving the existing problems, as at this stage they need to be preparing an ‘educated guess’ of how the new website will solve the current problems.
Traditional website design methodologies yield poor results because it’s based entirely on perceived assumptions and in general remains static for 2 years!

Why am i saying all that? Because it always was how it used to be! But not anymore!
Traditional web design process is broken! Yes, it is broken....
But the good news is, we have a completely new model, which is Growth-Driven Design.

So what is Growth-Driven Design and why it is so good?

Growth-Driven Design is an approach that allows you to make changes “step-by-step” and continuously improve the results.
This approach combines combines 2 goals into one thus developing a resource that meets the business objectives and customer needs.
Growth-Driven Design reduces the headache of traditional website design by systematic, small innovations in real time that continually evaluates the results with incremental improvements.
That is how Growth-Driven Design maximizes the results.

These factors are extremely important, because within the framework of growth-driven design the concept of the redesign is an “ongoing” process as opposed to “all-at-once” event.
Instead of finished product as in traditional web design (which usually is finished in 6-8 month and before that you can’t properly arrange work of all the teams) “ongoing” growth-driven design tends to short term iterations, “sprints” which significantly reduces development costs also reduces the chances of errors or mistakes.

Using traditional website design methodologies necessitate a redesign every 2 to 3 years due ageing content, lack of relevancy and loss of focus in business goals.
Spending 3-6 month to create a new web design with no guarantees relying only on the assumptions of its effectiveness? It is at least not practical and costs a lot of time, and money.

But now, with Growth-Driven Design model these problems become a ‘thing of the past’,GDD saves time and ultimately cost!
Growth Driven Design is a two stage approach:

1. Strategy!

The first month develops a strategy that gains an understanding of users and how to best fit the website into their lives.
The steps within in this stage are goals, personas, fundamental assumptions, journey map, global strategy and wish list.

2. Launch Pad website!

Build the site with only the core value - driven elements that has significant improvement over your current website.
Goal : Launch quickly while balancing quality and client’s happiness.

In conclusion:
I will go in more depth of Growth-Driven Design strategies and methodology in my next upcoming articles, however, the key points to remember about Growth-Driven Design are:
1. GrowthDriven Design is a continuous process that achieves desired results without requiring excessive attention and fits into usual work flow.
2.Growth-Driven Design requires Continuous Improvement, working with real user data and high impact items.
3. Growth-Driven Design reduces the risk of poorly made assumptions and is based on real user data.
4. Continuous Improvement is the main Growth-Driven Design strategy, that makes possible to launch quickly, reduce costs of redesign and overall development time.

Growth-Driven Design is the key to a successful website development process.
Traditional web design process is broken! It doesn’t work anymore.
Growth-Driven Design is the future of all the web design processes.

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